On Being Fashionable

Frank Davis

Still mulling over my closest approach to the Guardian in something like 25 years. It felt like getting near Mars or Jupiter or Krypton. You gaze down on the weird critters below, and wonder how they survive on that strange world.

Last Saturday, along with a few other people, I had some words of mine published in the Guardian. And the words attracted comment. One reader didn’t believe I existed. Another thought I was a parody. That was enough for me to beam down briefly onto the surface of planet Guardian, and assure the reader that I actually did exist. I doubt if I convinced him. I wasn’t sure he existed either.

I didn’t stay long in the comments. I have no wish to engage with antismoking Guardian readers, even if I was a Guardian reader myself for several years. I was fighting antismokers in Comment Is Free over 10…

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