Too Far

Frank Davis

This image seems to be regarded as having gone a bit too far:

I wonder why?

Any number of left wing celebs have registered their disgust at it. CNN, who employ her, have distanced themselves from Kathy Griffin, who is holding up the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump. She herself has apologised too. “I went too far.”

I suppose that one obvious association it makes is with the murderous butchers of ISIS. Kathy Griffin is an ISIS murderer. CNN is ISIS. Anyone who applauds this image is a member or supporter of ISIS.

But any number of people have been calling for the murder of Donald Trump. Kathy Griffin isn’t the first. She’s one of many. She was just a bit more graphic than the others.

And it wasn’t as if it was just her. She’s just the actress playing a role in a movie which has been carefully…

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