Another Day, Another Bomb

Frank Davis

Another day, another bomb.

In the Guardian report on it today, there was no mention of either the words “islam” or “muslim”. Although the Telegraph did include a mention:

​Islamic State supporters celebrate Manchester attack online

It has all the hallmarks of islamic terrorism, but the mainstream media will bend over backwards not to mention it, all in the name of “multiculturalism”. And if anyone is arrested in connection with it, no mention will be made that he’s called “Mohammed”, or that he came from Syria or Tunisia.

All of which makes the state and the mainstream media more or less complicit in these crimes. Much as they are complicit in failing to report the accompanying multiple rapes throughout Europe by the migrant muslims that have been invited in their millions by the likes of Angela Merkel.

The bombing took place at a pop concert, and so, like the Bataclan…

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