… pero está ocurriendo. Se perdonará el uso del título de la canción de moda (que me presentaron hace unos días) 😀

Va despacio, pero va. La gente se va uniendo en defensa de las libertades que nos han arrebatado.

Si, cuando una guerra se ha perdido totalmente, los rebeldes se van reuniendo y siguen queriendo luchar, suele ocurrir que al final vencen. La Historia demuestra que es así. Una guerra solo puede darse por finalizada cuando ya todos aceptan lo ocurrido. Y como sabéis, muchos no aceptamos lo ocurrido y no lo aceptaremos nunca.

Seguimos y seguiremos, aunque al principio vayamos despacito. Llevará tiempo.

Nota: subtítulos automáticos para el video, disponibles en inglés.

Smokers Uniting

Nice new (if slightly truncated) Smoking Section video today, of Emily Wieja talking to Kevin/Nisakiman.

What’s interesting about this one is that it hasn’t been recorded in a studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Instead it’s recorded in Emily’s Cambridge flat/apartment and Nisakiman’s home in Greece. And so Emily is smoking (and maybe Nisakiman is smoking too).

What’s also interesting is that it’s also being posted up on a UK blog (mine) to help bring it to a wider audience.

And I’ve also got a video of myself talking to GaryK in Illinois which I hope to post up in a few days.

And last night I spoke briefly on Skype to Brigitte in Liverpool. I’m hoping to do a test Skype conference with her and Reinhold in Germany soon.

Add it all up, and that’s smokers in the USA, UK, Germany, and Greece talking directly to each other. And Emily and I are hoping to line up more videos with other people too. We’re beginning, in a small way, to help bring smokers together, all over the world.

And I was thinking this morning that smokers have powerful incentives to get together. All these people who are talking in these videos are united by one shared characteristic: they smoke. And they’re also being reviled and rejected and robbed because they smoke. They’re all angry, and they all have good cause to be angry. And their anger is uniting them.

I think it’s what always happens, when any minority comes under attack. The attack serves to push them together, to unite them, in ways that isn’t happening with other people. It doesn’t matter if they’re geographical minorities (countries, peoples) or racial or sexual  minorities (blacks, gays). As soon as they come under attack, they start to come together, like the spreading arms of sea urchins contract together in a tight bunch as soon as they’re touched.

And what’s really interesting about the minority of smokers in the world is that they’re a huge minority. There are some 1.5 billion of them in the world, maybe more. And pretty much all of them are being subjected to the savage global onslaught of Tobacco Control. And so they’re all being driven together by strong forces.

So one may predict with almost perfect certainty that a new minority – smokers – is going to make its appearance soon on the world stage. And it’s going to be a very powerful and angry minority, that will appear almost simultaneously everywhere in the world.

Because, right now, all over the world, there will lots and lots of Emilys and Franks and Brigittes and Reinholds and Kevins who are talking to each other, and reaching out to each other. And eventually, one day, they’ll all meet up.

And when they do, they’ll be invincible.

P.S. Just his morning, I’ve had RdM in New Zealand offering to do a Skype chat. That is, I think, pretty much exactly on the opposite side of the world from the UK. It should be fun to have two people talking, one early in the morning for them, the other late at night for them.

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6 respuestas a Despacito…

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  2. kach dijo:

    Interesante el video,Lecroix. La gente respetara leyes coherentes pero nunca las absurdas.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. Mirentxu dijo:

    Aunque sea una divisa comunista, nosotros nos la tenemos que aplicar en este caso “Unidos hasta la victoria final”

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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