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El servicio de Quora permite hacer preguntas y dar respuestas y los usuarios pueden comentar las preguntas y valorar mediante votos positivos o negativos las respuestas. Puede crearse un resumen de respuestas para reflejar el consenso de la comunidad: el resumen es una wiki editable por cualquier usuario anónimo. (Wikipedia)
Tanto que estoy considerando traducir algunas de sus bien documentadas (y divertidas) respuestas y convertirlas en una sección de este cuaderno (que llamaríamos “MJM contesta”). Estoy considerando también aprender sobre Quora, por si pudiera ser útil para este cuaderno. Quora admite como idiomas de trabajo el español y el inglés, lo cual me convence aún más.
De momento os dejo una de sus últimas respuestas, en este caso a la pregunta ¿por qué la gente odia a los fumadores, simplemente porque fuman?
Está sin traducir, pero creo que se puede leer bien con un traductor automático.

It’s like hating a lawyer, just because of their occupation. My father HATES people who smoke. One time, he said, and I quote, “All smokers should die brutally and alone,” AND FREAKED OUT WHENEVER I TOLD HIM IT WAS WRONG TO SAY.

Michael J. McFadden

Whew… you’ve attracted quite a group of Answers here. Have you ever heard of something called The Gish Gallup? It’s a debate tactic where one side will use their five minutes to simply repeat a dozen or twenty “sound-bite” arguments, knowing that their opponent would need at least a minute or two to convincing show any any single one of those arguments is defective, misleading, or an outright lie. Thus the opponent only gets to contradict two or three out of the twenty… leaving the audience with the impression that the other 17 or 18 are likely true.

It was partly to combat that problem that I wrote my books: with 300,000 words and over a thousand citations and references I was able to pretty much address and show the problems with almost every statement that other respondents to your Question have made. But even an answer of ONE thousand words, much less 300,000 words, would be a bit long here on Quora… ‘specially at 5am when I haven’t been to bed yet. LOL!

Let me throw out a few points though:

  1. Give me the 500 million dollars a year that the MSA has been giving “Tobacco Control” folks for most of the last 20 years and I could have the bulk of the country terrified of butterflies. That kind of money, particularly when it plays into already existing background feelings stemming from a number of different areas (See: Recognising Anti-Smoking Types — Sott.net ) can build a LOT of irrational hate over two decades.
  2. “Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray” is repeated endlessly as though it’s something everyone’s always known and said since the Roaring 20s. It’s not, and, thanks to Google, I can prove it easily. Check out the Google N-Gram for “like licking an ashtray” at: Google Ngram Viewer and you’ll see that it’s just an invented hate sound bite created when and spread courtesy of the 1970s’ third “World Conference On Smoking And Health” chaired by Sir George Godber. It’s meant to be a “mind twister” — a worm that infects the way a great number of people will view something without really giving it much thought. There are many, MANY sound bites like this out there and also many, many argumentative fallacies that are employed… and all are often combined with hints or outright buckets of “hate language” that get repeated so frequently that they begin to form the substrate of our attitudes and very basic thought whenever any question regarding smoking comes up. See my Quora Blog entry, The Wall Of Hate by Michael J. McFadden on The Wall Of Hate to see what I mean.
  3. “Passive Smoking,” a concept first created for the Nazis’ “Anti Tobacco League” in the 1930s by a researcher named Fritz Linkint, pretty much disappeared from the world vocabulary after we defeated Hitler and convinced the world that freedom was more important than government control. Unfortunately the concept was resurrected like a zombie at that same “World Conference” in the 1970s and now you see things like “second hand smoke is deadlier than first hand smoke” and “when someone smokes they are not the only one smoking” and “when you smoke at home your baby smokes too” etc etc ad nauseum. Again, you can see the reality of how and when the mind-worm was spread through N-Gram: Google Ngram Viewer (with a very minor blip on the specific “passive smoking” phrase evident from Germany in the late 1930s and then disappearing.)Passive smoking is especially helpful as a weapon when Antismokers abuse our hard-wired biological love for our children: “Save The Children!” is a powerful rallying cry that nicely bypasses our reasoning processes and goes straight for our evolutionary gut. Think about how often you’ve seen imagery of babies and toddlers being attacked by evil clouds of smoke: that imagery is NOT accidental… it’s pure high priced carefully designed Madison Avenue propaganda bought and paid for with your (and/or smokers’) tax dollars and by the pushers of the NicoGummyPatchyProducts out there.

OK… I’ve tilted my sword at a few of the items in the Gish Gallup of antismoking arguments. If you’d like to see a few more honestly challenged here are two links:



The Truth Is A Lie

The first is a quick-and-easy-reading “pamphlet” designed for cheap printing and distribution by activists anywhere that smokers are under attack by smoking bans. It takes the major antismoking studies themselves, the ones most used just a few years back in promoting bans, and shows clearly and specifically why they are little more than outright lies.

The second is a collection of 24 of the more common antismoking lies and my responses to them in my first book, Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains.

As always when I present these materials (which I’ve done hundreds of times on the Internet) I invite anyone of offer criticisms — provided those criticisms are specific and substantive…. and not just flames or repetitions of generalities. I promise I won’t mind, and, as always, I promise I’ll try to respond.

If you’d like to read more, in addition to my own books there are a number of other good ones out there. I’ve reproduced the Recommended Bibliography from my TobakkoNacht in my Answer at Michael J. McFadden’s answer to Is smoking socially acceptable in your country?


  • MJM, a smoker, a writer, a researcher…. but, as I always try to note at the end: I’m not a doctor (Heh, just watch how often — or NOT often — you’ll see Antismokers admit that up front as opposed to how often they parade around as “Dr. This,” or “Dr. That” when all they’ve really got is a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Surrealistic Thirteenth Century Water-Colors Appreciation!!)
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8 respuestas a MJM contesta en Quora

  1. Miguel dijo:

    Efectivamente la técnica de los antitabaco se basa, entre otras cosas, en el discurso de los “sound-bite” o como creo que yo lo traduciría “los dogmas”. Creo recordar que era una de las tácticas de propaganda inventadas por Goebbels, así como no responder a las preguntas del contrario y, si no se puede eludir la respuesta, contestar con otro “sound-bite”.
    Ésta táctica ha servido después para aleccionar a los marxistas en España y está sirviendo para entrenar a las tropas “animalistas”.
    Pese a su pobre fundamento, el efecto en un debate, en efecto, es devastador. Contra un texto bien argumentado resulta inútil, pero con boicotear su publicación tienen suficiente.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    • In verbal debates these tricks work because the audience can’t keep all the different points in their heads at one time and don’t have the resources to backtrack and check what a speaker has said or to check whether their facts are verified. In online debates though we always win because both of those things ARE easily available to anyone who is reading!

      – MJM

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. ramrock dijo:

    Reblogueó esto en Ramrock's Blog.

    Me gusta

  3. Lecroix, thank you for the appreciation! And you are always VERY welcome to reproduce my Quora answers or other postings if you feel they will be helpful! 🙂

    You (and also Miguel) might also like the readings under “Book Selections” tab (beneath the front cover image) at http://TobakkoNacht.com


    Le gusta a 1 persona


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