The Authentic and the Inauthentic


Frank Davis

Back when I used to read newspapers, I’d always head straight for the opinion pieces and the letters pages. The rest of the newspaper was relatively uninteresting news. It was a delight to find an opinion piece by Bernard Levin in the Times in the early 1970s, and an opinion piece by Jill Tweedie in the Guardian a decade later. It wasn’t that I necessarily agreed with what they had to say. It was that I agreed with them saying it. I wanted them to speak their minds, say what they thought. I wanted to listen to their authentic voices.

I have had the same experience with the rise of the blogosphere, in which more or less every blog is someone’s authentic voice, very often with a number of authentic voices in the comments beneath, agreeing or disagreeing.

And I think that maybe the media war being fought in the…

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