Moral Archaeology

Frank Davis

It’s become something of a commonplace these days to remark that Tobacco Control is not engaged in improving public health. In the first place, once smokers were “exiled to the outdoors”, it became more likely that they would die of exposure or injuries sustained in the outdoor environment. And in the second place, once smokers were driven into exile, they no longer had a community of helping hands surrounding them, to catch them when they fell. And in the third place, when medical assistance was withheld from them, they very likely died much more quickly than their more fortunate non-smoking compatriots. Add up all the increased dangers, over and above those – if any – of simply smoking, and one should expect to find that “smokers die younger”. The prophecy is self-fulfilling: it is the inevitable consequence of expulsion from society.

But if Tobacco Control isn’t trying to improve public…

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