“What Can Smokers Do To Fight Back?”

Frank Davis

Tobacco Control always presents itself as being on the side of the angels. They see themselves as knights in shining armour, riding out from their hilltop castle to fight and kill the smoke-belching dragon of tobacco.

But the way I see them, they’re actually just plain evil. They do far more harm than good. In fact, I’m not even sure they do any good at all. They don’t really have an idea of “good”, except a highly restricted concept of “health”, which boils down to “longevity”. For them, the good life is the long life. Nothing more, nothing less. Anything else – happiness, freedom, wealth, community, truth, honour, or whatever else you might care to mention that might have something faintly “good” about it – simply doesn’t count.

But if they have a diminutive, abbreviated idea of “good”, they have a vast and elaborate concept of “evil”, in the…

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