Old and New Realities

Frank Davis

I don’t know what news to believe any more. It didn’t used to be this way. It used to be that you turned on the radio or TV and you got news out of it like you got water out of a tap, or cornflakes out of a Cornflakes packet.

Now we’ve got “fake news”. And one bunch of “news” sources calling other news sources “fake”. According to Donald Trump – who happens to be the newly-elected President of the United States, and pretty much the most powerful man in the world -, the New York Times and the Washington Post and CNN and a whole bunch of other US news sources are publishing “fake news”, mostly about him. It’s really a war between the new online media and the old newspaper and TV media, the so-called MainStream Media or MSM. “Don’t believe them!” one bunch yells. “Don’t believe them…

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