More on The Pleasure of Smoking

Frank Davis

Dr Neil McKeganey‘s talk:

Among noteworthy various things he said:

“When I moved from the arena of research on illegal drugs to legal drugs, I had not imagined the stranglehold that the Public Health perspective would have on the research which was actually being carried out – a stranglehold which almost structures thought as well as speech, so it becomes unsayable to say certain things about tobacco and about smoking. And I was staggered at how the academic public health community, of which I was a member, had so meekly absorbed the paradigm of Tobacco Control, to the point where they could not ever utter any statements or conceive of alternative ways of exploring smoking behaviour. And that struck me as something one has to challenge…”

Of his research,

“[It] has been regarded as somewhat controversial, to the point that the media would not even cover it.”

On objections…

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