What’s So Progressive About Progressivism?

Frank Davis

All ‘progress’, I was thinking this morning, seems to involve diminution. It’s something that’s perhaps seen clearest in modern architecture, where all – or almost all – ornamentation has been stripped away, and buildings are minimal boxes with windows in them. Or just glass boxes, with even the walls stripped out. And inside them, the interiors are equally devoid of ornament, with plain walls – usually white – and plain floors, and plain chairs and tables. And if there is any art inside these interiors, it is increasingly abstract and minimal and monochromatic: a green square with a red dot on it.

If the process continues, we may expect that architecture will completely vanish, and buildings will become invisible.

The same thing has been happening with clothing, that other form of architecture. Clothes have become simpler. And people wear less of them. Eventually, perhaps they will wear nothing at all.

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