The Other Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming

Frank Davis

A month or so back I showed a video of my bubble model of the atmosphere, which had bubbles of air rolling over the surface of the earth, and bouncing off each other. I was particularly pleased that the air bubbles gradually started moving faster and faster, and ‘boiling off’ into outer space: Global Warming!

But watching the video a bit more recently, it struck me that it could just as easily have been a political model of the world, with human players roaming over its surface, and colliding with each other. With a wave of migrants currently moving from south to north, we are perhaps seeing one of those times when there are large movements of peoples. It was a wave of such migrants from east to west, in the form of Huns, Vandals, and Goths, which submerged the Roman empire circa 500 AD. The rise of Islam…

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