We Live In An Era Of Distrust

Frank Davis

Picking up on a comment by Walt in which he wrote:

As far as TC’s hideous goals, more frightening to me than a few zealots out to rule the world through inflammatory pitches is the fact that the world has been so easily manipulated to go along with the gag. That’s the deeply depressing and apparently eternal flaw in human nature–the same one that’s led to witch-burning, lynching, gassing, and beheading. Against which one urgently needs to Do Something.

In my reply I suggested that the ‘flaw’ lay in how readily we trusted each other. But I suggested that this trustfulness was what enabled us to form societies and work together in common projects. It was a Good Thing. But also meant that we’d all too readily believe con artists and snake oil salesmen. We are too trusting. Trust really needs to be leavened with a little bit of distrust.

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