¡Caramba con el Roscón de Reyes!

Estaba hace un rato en el excelente cuaderno de Churchmouse Campanologist, leyendo un poco sobre la tradición del Roscón de Reyes en el mundo. Y me llamó la atención lo siguiente,extraído de un enlace que publicaba Churchmouse (que conste que Churchmouse no tiene nada que ver con esto eh 🙂 :


Louisiana: King Cake

King Cake - Louisiana

 In New Orleans, King Cake is a sweet, bready ring, almost like a big Danish roll or cinnamon roll. It’s sprinkled with sugar in the Mardi Gras colors of purple (for justice), green (faith), and gold (power) and drizzled with a nice layer of icing.



Ahá, me pareció correcto. Conozco la tradición del King Cake (Roscón de Reyes)  de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans (tradición llevada allí por españoles y franceses)  y he probado unos cuántos King Cakes…

Había más roscones…Paciencia y seguid hasta llegar a Spain 🙂



Mexico: Rosco de Reyes

Rosco de Reyes
Most of king cake consumption around Mexico takes place on January 6, Dia de los Reyes (which is Kings Day, or Epiphany) and is actually the day on which they exchange gifts. The ring cake is more oval in shape and topped with candied fruit. Whoever finds the muñeco, or doll, in the cake has to host a party on February 2 for Día de la Candelaria, where it is customary to serve tamales. One food holiday begets another.

France: Galette de Rois

Galette de Rois
The French have a thing for pastries, so its no surprise the French king cakes are closer to pastry than cake. King cakes vary across France’s regions. In the North, it’s the Galette de Rois, a flaky pastry dough filled with frangipane, a combination of pastry cream and almond cream. La Feve, the porcelin figurine, is the prize all the kids vie for. Should they win, they get to don the paper crown.

Portugal: Bolo Rei

Bolo Rei
This soft, elongated doughy sweet bread is made with raisins and covered with colorful dried and candied fruit and almonds. Though it can no longer come with the traditional metal figurine, the person who finds the fava bean is the one who has to buy next year’s cake.





Spain: Tortell de Reis

Tortell de Reis

Within Spain, the tortell varies from region to region, but most prepare a bread-like cake. In Catalonia, the region most famous for the city of Barcelona, theirs is a circular pastry filled with marzipan cream and punctuated with candied fruit like cherries and oranges. It also contains not one, but two prizes. Whoever finds the king figurine gets to wear the crown, while the one who finds the fava bean has the misfortune of paying for the cake!


Caramba, no sabía yo que España el Roscón se llamaba Tortell de Reis. ¿Y quién es este Perique des Palottes? ¿Es una broma esto?


Me fui a la wiki en inglés:


Sin títaaulo.jpg

Aún sorprendido, me fui a la wiki en español:



Y me habría ido a la wiki en catalán a ver, pero no hay versión.


¿No es un poco curioso todo esto?

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    Thank you for the reblog — greatly appreciated.

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