Tobacco Control Must Be Destroyed

Frank Davis

I came across this passage yesterday in a ZeroHedge article about fake news, mass hysteria, and induced insanity:

Mass hysteria eventually wears off, as it overloads the emotional circuitry of the target audience; humans soon become desensitized to the triggers used to generate mass hysteria, and it takes heavier and heavier doses of propaganda to maintain the feverishly herd-inducing hysteria.

Eventually, the populace habituates to the stimulus and becomes exhausted by the hysteria.

“Very true,” I thought. Or maybe, “I hope so.” Eventually people will become exhausted by the propaganda-induced tobacco hysteria. They’ll stop being frightened. They’ll cease to care. I never cared anyway. I was never infected by the hysteria in the first place.

But further reading, from before the passage I’ve just quoted, revealed that I had completely missed the point:

“Fake news” is of course the staple of marketing products that end up killing the unwary consumers…

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