Downtrodden Smokers Will Revolt One Day

Frank Davis

A comment left here by slugbop yesterday:

I live in a social housing unit with 120 other people. They play Bingo every Thursday night. They used to smoke in the community hall until that was prohibited. Since then they have gone outside in front of the building to light up. That has now been banned, unless they smoke near the sidewalk or in the middle of the street. The edict was posted on the door at the front of our building yesterday. I would love to sabotage it but they have hidden cameras near the front entrance.

The comment ended with one word:


But I can’t see any way in which I can help, except to suggest that those 120 people head down to their local town hall – and burn it down.

Because I think that’s what’s going to happen some day soon. The authorities everywhere seem to…

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