The Next European Crisis

Frank Davis

I was listening to US talk radio host Michael Savage yesterday, and he’d already gotten disenchanted with Donald Trump, seeing the kind of people who were now making their pilgrimage to Trump Tower. Reince Priebus. Mitt Romney. I guess that the way he sees it, the Trump White House will be full of the usual retread politicians, and it’ll all be business as usual. Nothing ever changes.

I’m not so sure myself. I think Trump needs to mend a few fences. I think he had to call in these people and talk to them. After all, he’s going to be working with them for the next four years. I’ll wait and see what Trump actually does before passing judgement. He hasn’t taken office yet, after all.

I’m not going to pass judgement on Theresa May either, for the exact same reason. I’ve thought for months that if Hillary Clinton became…

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