The Hidden Power of Smokers

Frank Davis

Comment by MJM :

Trump appealed to smoker-voters because he was NOT HILLARY. Hillary started off with banning smoking in the White House, but when she moved into government itself and pushed the creation and passage of the SCHIP tax (Any not familiar with it, see Phil Button’s blog ) she sealed her fate. Her antismoking activities, all by themselves, may very well have made the final difference in getting Trump rather than Clinton into the White House.

I think that’s almost certainly true. Hillary Clinton, like Michael Bloomberg, was no friend of smokers. And with smokers making up some 20% of the US adult voting population, that was an awful lot of voters that she had alienated. I’m not an American, but if I had been (or even if I had been an illegal immigrant expected to vote Democrat), I wouldn’t have voted for Hillary. She was completely toxic.

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