Too Global For Their Own Good

Frank Davis

This is certainly no ordinary US presidential election.

A couple of remarkable things I came across yesterday might help illustrate it. First Ann Coulter speaking on c-span a day or two back (about 6 minutes into the video), and saying:

“…It’s been a very strange year this way, and it’s been a strange year for me. I’ve been a Republican my whole life. I’ve never seen my own party – my ex-Republican party – exposed so clearly as just the party of the powerful. It isn’t the Republican party and the Democratic party any more. It is the ruling class against the American people.”

I’m sure she’s right. Because it’s the same in the UK, and throughout Europe. Maybe it’s the same everywhere: it’s the people against the ruling class.

But what shocked me about what she was saying was that she was talking almost like some French or Bolshevik…

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