Neil Armstrong sí fumaba (de momento)


Neil Armstrong, primer hombre en pisar la Luna. 1930 Ohio, EEUU – 2012 Ohio, EEUU

Tengo montones de artículos pendientes. Y uno de ellos es hablaros de  Smokers Against Discrimination, en cuya página de Facebook encontraréis inagotables recursos contra la campaña de demonización al tabaco y sus consumidores.

Hay de todo, desde humor a temas estrictamente científicos. Colaboran además en esa página personas que a veces se pasan por este blog. Y alguna vez, me han dejado a mi también echar una mano.

Intentaré traeros más de las imágenes y palabras de esa estupenda página.

Por el momento esta foto de Neil y el comentario que escribí para ella:

Back in the 60’s, during the Space Race, all astronauts enjoyed smoking. Pipes, cigars, cigarettes…They also enjoyed drinking and partying hard in their free time. Since they were under extreme physical and mental pressure, NASA considered it wise to let them be so they could unwind, relax a bit. Those guys were the epitome of health, anyway. They were all in their late 30’s, early 40’s and had been smoking and drinking for the better part of 20 years…

But there was this astronaut, Deke Slayton. Doctors at NASA detected a very small irregularity in his heart. He had been a fighter pilot back in WWII, heart murmur and all, but NASA was concerned and grounded him.

“I tried everything. Quit smoking, quit cofee, started jogging my ass off”, wrote Deke in his memoires. But NASA did not let him fly. He lost the Moon forever.

From then on, he served only as liason between astronauts in space and Mission Control. He was the voice astronauts wanted to hear while in space: their fellow astronaut, his wings cut short by overzealous doctors.

Yet those doctors allowed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to fly, even though they smoked and drank. Doctors had nothing to hold against them. Perfect health. What could they say, that they did not want the first men to walk on the Moon to be a couple of bright, driven, smokers/drinkers? Doctors did not care about such nonsense then. Neil and Buzz walked on the Moon. They lit a cigar when they came back and they were not shy on the bourbon.

(Photo: Neil Arsmstrong, first man on the Moon, lights a cigar)

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4 respuestas a Neil Armstrong sí fumaba (de momento)

  1. It’s not surprising now that you’ve written about it, but it was something I’d never thought of! The first human being to talk on a planet besides Earth was a SMOKER! LOL! That truly is an amazing fact!

    Thank you to you and to SAD!

    – MJM

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Ya lo he pasado a Facebook.

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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