Flamenco in a tin can

There’s fresh flamenco, canned flamenco, flamenco pills, flamenco action figures and there’s even “Flamenco: the movie”, parts I, II, III and IV.

And that’s “Spain”.

Only it’s not. 

I’m inflamed. And it inflames me being inflamed 😀


This post is just for you, the occasional English-speaking reader who may wander into this blog  (actually, around 30% of all readers here come from English-speaking countries, though…)

Bear with me, have a little patience. I want to tell you something. I’ll try to be brief buy I make no promises :).

You’ve been lied about Spain.

Yes, for the most part, Spain is a bit of a dry, harsh place. Its Southernmost part is but a few miles from Africa. And there is a strong Moorish influence, both cultural and genetic in most of its territory. Actually, there’s a strong influence from just about everything and everyone, since Spain lies at the geographical center of just about everywhere in Western (and not so Western) cultures.

But also, Spain is rather large. It’s actually 4th by area in Europe,  after Russia, Ukraine and France. That means BIG.

Yet Spain is mostly know as a country of Flamenco and guitars, even though just the south, Andalucía, is culturally like that. Why?

It’s all Napoleon’s fault 😀

Well not exactly. It’s because of the British influence in Andalucía (and also de Balearic Islands) during the endless European Wars, including the  War of the Spanish Succesion and the Napoleonic Wars.

The British liked the sunny beaches, and the wine, and the music and the exotic atmosphere. And as their influence, that of the British, grew stronger and stronger planetarily…that’s what they talked about, when they talked about Spain.

Even today, British tourists visit those areas mostly. There is no reason for them to visit the North (Northwest). It’s just like Britain anyway. Green, rainy…Rainier, actually. Yawn…

Also, it’s all Franco’s fault :D.  The dictator needed a way to unite the various cultures, languages and genes of Spain. And he went for Flamenco, for the British version of Spain.

It kinda worked. For a while…


So today I was trolling the web because this article worried me and I wanted to write something about it:

Jihadists target Spain


And I found this:

And the curly moron, inflamed me.

Yes, I know it is his right to “feel close” to the Muslim invader, to sing about it, to imitate the culture of those who invaded and ruled his Southern region for centuries. It is his right to honor those who want to invade and rule Spain, again.

But you see…there’s also us. The North (Northwest). Asturias. 

Asturias was never conquered by  Muslims. It resisted them. And defeated them. And became the bastion from which the Reconquista, the Reconquest, began. Asturias made Spain Christian again.

Its flag bears the Victory Cross, to this day:


The Asturian national drink is cider, not wine. Its national instrument is the bagpipe, not the guitar.

And Asturias is neither dry nor desertic nor sunny.


Asturias, winter 2015, with some 97% of its territory covered in snow.



And Asturias was never Muslim. And it will never be.






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