George Soros y Podemos



This Sunday, Spain held parliamentary elections, and according to official sources, the liberals from the People’s Party won.

There was no sensation in the Spanish elections, except that everyone was wondering how the position of the informal left-wing party Podemos would grow. It is quite interesting that we can see a pattern in European politics. Euroscepticism is strengthening everywhere, as well as the parties opposed to the EU. However, in Northern Europe they are usually the right-conservative parties: the National Front in France, Alternative for Germany, Freedom Party in Austria; while in Southern Europe the leftist Eurosceptics lead. In Greece, it is Syriza of Tsipras. In Spain, it is Podemos. In Italy, the situation is rather different; the country is divided:  in the North the main Eurosceptics Northern League are very popular and in the South the left-wing Five Star Movement. But the situation in general is very symmetrical.

So Podemos is the second largest and third most influential party in parliament today. Unfortunately, it was created under the direct control of George Soros and his appointee French theorist Stéphane Hessel, who wrote a pompous book “Time for Outrage!”, which calls all those who are dissatisfied with the status quo to start “color revolutions”. Pablo Iglesias is one such of Soros’ “rebels”. Initially, the group of “rebels” was called M15 in accordance with the hyperrealist Soros’ ideas, then “Indignados” just like in Hessel’s book (Outraged), and finally it became Podemos, which means “we can.”

Podemos’ ideology can be defined as cultural capitalism. In their program, the party members advocate the opening of borders for refugees who need asylum and support, on sodomites’ rights, etc. Podemos’ leader visited Wall Street a few years ago, where he said that there is no alternative to capitalism. So all outrages are over.

It is interesting that this election in Spain had one more project that purely belonged to Soros – Ciudadanos (Citizens). Again, the theme of Civil Society and the Open Society are typical markers of the famous speculator Soros. If Podemos is a pseudo-left, i.e. the Left Liberals, the Ciudadanos, are clearly liberals. They are outraged too, but this time of the high taxes in Spain.

Ciudadanos are openly defending the capitalist free market, but consider that there is not enough capitalism in Spain and Europe… The leader of Ciudadanos Albert Rivera directly serves the US’ interests. Recently, he visited Venezuela, where he supported the opposition and criticized Maduro’s government.

Let’s see what we have. Spain has a springboard for future policies as Soros sees it. In the center we have weak-minded right-wing liberals of the People’s Party and the totally discredited liberal left of the Socialist Party. They are elderly completely corrupt bureaucrats, integrated in Brussels. So the dissatisfied population gains an alternative, the “Outraged.”. However, the choice is striking: on the one hand there is Soros ultra-liberal Podemos, and on the other hand the ultra-market liberals Ciudadanos, also created by Soros. And there is no one else, neither conservatives, nor Christians, nor socialists, or even nationalists, which exist in the rest of Europe. No one. This is an ideal Europe as the globalists see it.

It is happening in a conservative Catholic Spain with the monarch at the head and the heroic history of resistance to modernity’s spirit and the Masonic plans of the destruction of traditional Europe.

In other words, the election results in Spain have absolutely no value and do not affect anything. But the participating parties is striking. What is this if it is not the end of Spain and European decline?


10 respuestas a “George Soros y Podemos

  1. michaeljmcfadden 18/08/2016 / 01:53

    Thank you for an interesting analysis Lecroix!

    In terms of Euroscepticism in Spain, or perhaps any other dissatisfaction with the established rule, have you seen any association with the pushing of smoking bans and their enforcement? I’m asking because of discussions about Brexit where it seems that the smoking ban, all on its own, may have been the tipping point in the referendum: if it had been NO ban, it’s actually likely the Brexit vote would have failed!

    – MJM

    Le gusta a 1 persona

      • Lecroix 18/08/2016 / 03:09

        😀 Well, that was my conclusion too, even before Soros was hacked. They’re all in cahoots and they are, in my opinion,very, very dangerous people….

        Me gusta

    • Lecroix 18/08/2016 / 03:04

      I found it interesting myself too, MJM.
      Mmm I would say that the people here in the blog are mostly if not all euroesceptics and I would say smoking bans play a part in that. As for the general public, my very limited sample says most people are not. The blanket smoking ban made many people angry but that did not translate into any form of action, not even in their minds. They took it as they take many other abuses. The left capitalized on those frustrations, as represented by the Podemos movement. Now, why anyone who is against the smoking ban would vote for a Party that is staunchly against smoking (they don’t say it, but act on it whenever they wield any power) is beyond me.

      Me gusta

  2. michaeljmcfadden 18/08/2016 / 07:12

    ” Now, why anyone who is against the smoking ban would vote for a Party that is staunchly against smoking (they don’t say it, but act on it whenever they wield any power) is beyond me.” Just keep publicizing that fact! A certain percentage WILL hear you each time, and for at least a few it will translate into some degree of resistance/reaction. We don’t have the money to dominate the broadcast media the way the Antis do, but we DO have enough dedicated activists online to keep doing our outreach and building our support on our sites, blogs, and through the comments and letters to editors section so people become aware we exist and become aware that our arguments are truthful.

    Keep on fighting!


    Me gusta

    • Lecroix 18/08/2016 / 11:25

      I will! Your energy is contagious, MJM 😀 We keep on figthing 🙂

      Me gusta

    • Lecroix 18/08/2016 / 11:29

      Ah, yes, an excellent resource. I tap on SAD’s resources every once in a while, but not enough. I think the blog needs a visual touch sprinkled here and there and Zayats is a Photoshop master 🙂

      Me gusta

        • Lecroix 18/08/2016 / 14:41

          We did collaborate in the past and I am familiar with most of the material. As I told SAD recently, it’s always my intention to help improve their numbers. It would benefit us both, since Zayats’ database is huge and this blog is not even two years old and in need of some “pizzazz” (I tend to be too…dunno, somewhat lacking in spontaneity? 😀 ) Thank’s for reminding me that I need to incorporate some of SAD’s awesome contributions to our cause.

          Me gusta

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