BBC: “Basic right” to Smoke

Frank Davis

I was away from home last night, and using my little Asus netbook, and I thought I’d posted up a new blog post, but when I got home today there was no sign of it at all. I must’ve pressed some wrong button. So here it is again.

H/T Joe L for this BBC report:

IS conflict: Manbij residents celebrate liberation


Residents in the northern Syrian city of Manbij have been celebrating new freedoms after being liberated from the rule of so-called Islamic State.

They have poured into the streets enjoying basic rights they had been denied for two years, including shaving off their beards and smoking.

Good to see the BBC saying that smoking is a “basic right”. And now that smokers in Manbij have been liberated from Daesh (aka Islamic State), can we now have some air strikes to liberate the Western world from its…

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Una respuesta a BBC: “Basic right” to Smoke

  1. ramrock dijo:

    ¡Claro, como no! Uno de los iconos clásicos del rollo “progre” tiene que predicar con el ejemplo.

    Total… como lo que realmente hace en la vida privada no lo puede ver nadie …

    Me gusta


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