Sick To Death

Frank Davis

I’m getting sick to death of stuff like this. Someone in Australia is saying that Australians shouldn’t be treated like children, and doesn’t like smoking bans. Nothing wrong with that. But then he goes on to say:

“Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you. We have the knowledge. As adults, we can make up our own minds.”

Well, I for one don’t “know” any such thing.  And whatever it is, it isn’t “knowledge”. If anything, it’s indoctrination. People have been told for so long that smoking is bad for them that they’re actually incapable of thinking anything else – as I found out about 10 years ago when I started questioning what I “knew” about tobacco.

My position now is that I don’t believe anything anyone has ever said against tobacco. I don’t believe the doctors and the experts and the pundits. Furthermore I don’t see why I…

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