17,410,742 UK Smokers

Frank Davis

Well, that’s enough excitement for one week. In fact, enough excitement for an entire year.

But has it got us anywhere nearer repealing smoking bans?

I think it has, in an important way. The wave of European smoking bans over the past decade were almost all instigated via the UN, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and the EU. In this last respect, H/T Rose for The Help Programme 2005-2007 moving towards a smoke-free Europe which told us that:

The European Union has made the fight against smoking one of its top public health priorities…

On the 1st March 2005, the European Commission launched a large media campaign, aimed at tobacco prevention and cessation, in the, then, 25 European Union Member States. Today, in all the 27 EU countries, the European Commission’s campaign “HELP – For a life without tobacco” is one of the largest public health awareness-raising…

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