The Fall of the Tobacco Control Empire

Frank Davis

A few days ago Junican wrote about How Tobacco Control Will End,  comparing the Tobacco Control Empire to the Roman Empire.

I think that the “Tobacco Control Empire” is actually a much more accurate description of it than the “Tobacco Control Industry,” because Tobacco Control doesn’t actually manufacture anything – except perhaps lies -, while the Tobacco Industry actually is an industry that manufactures and distributes a product: tobacco.

Tobacco Control is an empire – a global empire – much more akin to the Roman Empire than the Tobacco Industry. And, like the Roman Empire, it is held in place by force. Not the force of armed legions, but the force of law. It needs the continual exertion of force, in the form of smoking bans, ‘plain’ packaging, display bans, etc, and also ultra-heavy taxation and continuous antismoking propaganda campaigns. And it requires a standing army of professional antismoking…

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